Case Study Project Ferring

Oct 04, 2023

A Coastal Garden Transformation

1. The Design Brief

before image - garden transformation

2. Our Approach

Studio Hummingbird has a unique and modern approach of visualising their garden design in 3D. Clients get not only a plan view, a planting scheme and plant legend, but also photorealistic images of all angles of their newly designed garden and a fly-through video to experience.

3. The Benefits

A clearer vision of the end result:

Visualising a garden design can help to get a clearer idea of what the end result will look like. This can help the client to make informed decisions about the layout, plants, and other features of the garden. It can also help to see any potential issues or challenges that the designer may need to address.

Garden design Ferring

Better communication with professionals:

When working with a professional landscaper or garden designer, visualising a garden design can help ensure everyone is on the same page. By sharing the design with clients, trades etc. ideas and preferences get communicated more effectively, and everyone can offer feedback and suggestions based on the vision.

Time and money savings:

Visualising a garden design before the start of the work can also help to save time and money. By having a clear plan in place, the client can avoid making costly mistakes or changing their mind halfway through the project. This can also help to stick to the budget and avoid overspending on unnecessary features or plants.

Increased creativity and inspiration:

Visualising a garden design can also inspire the client to be more creative with ideas. By experimenting with different layouts, plants, and features, the designer and client may discover new and exciting possibilities that hadn't been considered before. This can help to make the garden design more unique and personalised.

Greater satisfaction with the end result:

Finally, visualising a garden design in 3D can lead to greater satisfaction with the end result. By putting time and effort into planning a garden, the designer can create a space that truly reflects the client’s personality and style. This can help the client to feel more connected to their outdoor space and enjoy it more fully.

4. Challenges:

Challenge #1: One of the studio’s core values is to strive for an outstanding client experience and journey. After testing the first design draft the studio encountered a few technical issues with software compatibility and presentation. 

Challenge #2: Studio Hummingbird prides itself with having systems and processes in place to guarantee this smooth client experience. However, circumstances outside of their control can trigger to adjust the design process. In this case the studio needed to change the way of communication with trades slightly to make sure, no misunderstanding happens. 

Challenge #3: Studio Hummingbird not only creates stunning 3D garden designs, the studio offers also project coordination. Coordinating all tradesmen, landscaping companies and nurseries can be a challenging task. Delays caused by bad weather, longer lead times, sick leave and availability were happening and some reasons unexpected. For instance, the garden shed had a lead time of 8 weeks, this was communicated incorrectly. The company which supplied the split-face tile for the water feature, which was the same as parts of the exterior, had an uncomprehensive measuring manual and pricing model. This caused errors in the calculation of costs and the amount of material.

Garden design concept West Sussex

5. Solutions

5.1. Upgraded Technology

To ensure a smooth experience technical issues have been overcome and equipment has been upgraded to the latest standard for 3D visualisation and rendering. The client should see all the details to make informed decisions before investments have been made. Changes to the design draft can be made instantly.

5.2. Constant Process Evaluation

This project has shown that the constant monitoring of the design process is very important to improve the client’s experience and journey. Feedback from both, clients and trades, are vital for improvement. Apps like Asana and Notion helped to visualise the process better.

5.3. Go local

It’s not always possible to choose local suppliers, if the client brief suggests differently or the clients change their mind. Choosing local materials, suppliers and tried and tested local trades as reliable partners in this endeavour is a wise decision for future projects.

5.4. Team work

Collaboration with a local landscaping company (King Landscaping Ltd) was crucial to implement this project. From start to finish clear communication was key. Hold ups due to material lead time, and bad weather conditions were communicated instantly to give the client peace of mind and build trust both ways. With teamwork, this project was finished within the set timeline.

6. Client Feedback

Client Feeback from our satisfied client in West Sussex

The clients of Project Ferring have given amazing feedback to Studio Hummingbird and all trades and companies involved and have become ambassadors for 3D garden design. 

'Victoria of 'Studio Hummingbird' was recommended by our interior designer, who knows her previous work. We were not disappointed. She provided an in depth consultation to establish our aims, needs, style preferences and budget. She presented multi aspect computer generated plans, drawings and walk through designs with suggestions for plants, water feature and patios. Plus, a detailed quote and project schedule. The whole process was collaborative and she willingly accepted and included several of our suggestions.

She often works with Eddie King , of King Landscaping Ltd. He & his team were a pleasure to work with. Punctual, informative and very professional.

We are delighted with our finished garden and have no hesitation in recommending Victoria & Studio Hummingbird.'

Sue.H., Ferring

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