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At Studio Hummingbird, we understand that your garden is an expression of your unique style and a haven for relaxation and connection with nature. From garden design-only solutions to full installations, we offer everything you need to achieve the garden of your dreams. Through our cutting-edge 3D design technology, giving you landscaping ideas, we breathe life into your vision, creating a virtual representation of your dream garden. Visualising the garden arrangement, plantings, and hardscapes, all before a single shovel hits the ground is crucial to make informed decisions and avoiding costly mistakes. Whether you seek a tranquil oasis, a vibrant entertainment area, or a sustainable outdoor space our garden design service transforms your imagination into a tangible plan. Experience the excitement of witnessing your dream garden unfold, as we work together to bring your vision to life.

Salvia and grasses in garden

Garden Design Consultation

Perfect for those who want some advice and inspiration on designing their own garden, as well as for those who have an established garden and feel stuck. Whether you need help with functionality, layout, plant choices or furniture selection Victoria will guide you and discuss everything you need to know to make the garden work for you. 

What's included? 

  • Personalised Design Ideas: Victoria will share tailored concepts that align with your vision. From lush landscapes to contemporary paradises, you will explore design directions that resonate with you.
  • Plant and Material Suggestions: Discover the flora and materials that best complement your garden's ecology and aesthetic preferences.
  • Spatial Arrangement Insights: Maximising the potential of your garden's layout is our expertise. Victoria will suggest layouts that enhance flow and functionality.
  • Q&A Session: This is your time to ask anything and everything about garden design. Victoria is here to provide clarity and guidance.
  • Moodboard: After the session Victoria will send a mood board with ideas about material, plants and other helpful notes for you to make your garden project a success. 
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Design Vision Package

This Design-Only Package gives you a detailed vision of your garden. Ideal for those who love DIY Studio Hummingbird delivers everything you need to implement the design through your own trusted tradesmen or yourself.

What's included?

Initial concept design
2 revisions
Planting scheme and legend
Lighting plan
Photorealistic 3D images of the key features
1 final garden design
1 final layout plan in 2D
3D video walk-through

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A garden office and gym

Full-Service Garden Transformation

This package includes garden design and project coordination to achieve the garden of your dreams and will give you peace -of- mind. It's ideal for busy people who don't have time to take the project into their own hands. Studio Hummingbird doesn't leave your side from the design concept to the completion of your garden.

What's included?

  • All in 'Design Vision Package'
  • Sourcing of plants
  • Liaising and coordinating trades
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A garden transformation